Guidelines for article contributors


To publish an article in “Scientific Bulletin of Uzhhorod University. Series ‘’Economics” the following information should be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

1)   scientific paper;

2)   author’s reference;

3)   scanned doctorate review;

4)   receipt on payment for the cost of scientific article publication (after the editorial board acknowledge they take the article for publication).

After consideration and review the editorial board makes a decision to publish the article. An author is notified about editorial board decision by e-mail. Articles could be published only after editorial board acknowledgement about payment for publication.

Editorial board reserves the right to minor editing and cuts, keeping the results and author’s style.


  • articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English;
  • papers should be submitted in electronic version, Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman, letters height -14 pt, line spacing 1.5 computer interval. The paper size should be not less than 8 and no more than 16 pages;
  • paper margins – on the left, on the right, on top and at the bottom -20mm, paragraph intend – 5mm;
  • any information or statement in the paper including tables have to be supplied with references to the source of its origin. If they are the results of the author\s own research they should be accompanied with appropriate explanation data obtained;
  •  tables and figures should be placed after their first mentioning in the text:

l  titles and numbers of tables are set on top left corner in boldface. Font data contained in the table should be - 12, line spacing - 1 computer interval;

l  titles and numbers of figures are placed at the bottom on the left in boldface. Figures should be grouped and presented in spreadsheet format A-4 as a separate file, font -12.


  • the first line to the left – UDC – is given in boldface without intents and paragraphs;
  • one line after UDC in the center – full names of the authors ( surname, patronymic), academic degree and the title, position and full name of the employer( place of work), city, country (for foreign  authors, contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses –written in boldface letters without intents and paragraphs;
  • one line after the names of the authors – paper title in capital boldface letters without intents and paragraphs;
  • one line after paper title –summary ( not less than 6, no more than 12 lines) and keywords (up to 10 words) in Ukrainian – given in italics, font size – 10 pt Times New Roman. Line spacing – 1 computer interval;
  • one line after key words – the text of the article.

All structural parts of the text in the paper (based on the requirements to the Decree of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine  (HACU) 15.01.2003g. №7-05.1).  have to be in bold.

  •   introduction: formulation of the problem in general, description of its relation to important scientific and practical tasks;
  •   literature review: analysis of recent research and publications dealing with the considered problem that are used by the author in the text; description of the unresolved aspects of the problem considered in the article;
  •   statement of the article purpose;
  •   presentation of the main research data with full justification of scientific results;
  •   conclusions and prospects for further research;
  •   list of  of sources.

ATTENTION! As far as the journal is included into the international bibliographic database, the list of references should consist of two parts: the list of sources and references.

THE LIST OF SOURCES should be presented in original language, designed according to HAC requirements. Examples of bibliographic description is given in the Bulletin of HAC of Ukraine, No3, 2008 (Form 23, pp. 9- 13 ) Links to the sources in the text are indicated with numbers in square brackets according to the numbering in the list of sources.

REFERENCES – list of sources transliterated in Roman alphabet and translated into English. If there are problems with reference design editors can help to solve them.

At the end of the article author’s paper (an abstract) in English and Russian has to be attached. Author’s paper should  contain author’s surname and initials, academic degree , position, place of work or study, article title, brief article content (not less than 250-350 words and key words). Translation into English has to be authentic (not machine). In case of difficulties with translation editors could be helpful.

External doctorate review should be attached to the article!

The number of coauthors should not exceed 3. Students’ articles ( in coauthor ship with the scientific adviser) are accepted for publication, though their number has not exceed 3 per issue. Selection is made on a competitive basis.

Along with the article AUTHOR’S CERTIFICATE with following information should be submitted:

Surname, name, patronymic of the author(s)


Article title


Thematic section of the article

Choose from the following list:

  • Macroeconomic research
  • Economics and management of national economy
  • Regional socio-economic research
  • Economics of enterprises and industries
  • Finance and banking
  • Accounting and audit

Academic degree, academic title


Place of work or studies, position


Contact telephone number and e-mail address


Mail address and number of Nova Poshta department to post the paper


Additional hard copies of the publication (YES, number of copies/ NO)


*In case the article is written in co-authorship, the information on each author should be given.


Manuscript publication fee (per page of A4) is 45 UAH + bank commission and includes 1 copy which will be sent by “Nova Poshta” (at the expense of recipient).

The article, review, and the copy of payment receipt (after the editorial board acknowledge they take the article for publication) should be sent to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.